ALLVP welcomes the new decade with a new partner

The ALLVP team is pleased to announce Antonia Rojas has joined the firm as its third partner.

In 2010, Fernando Lelo de Larrea and Federico Antoni started an academic experiment for entrepreneurs at ITAM, the premier business school in Mexico. That project drove them — a real estate investor and a retailer, to create ALLVP in 2012, the pioneer VC firm based in Mexico City. Their passion for teaching revealed their life’s most important endeavor. Hard work and luck did the rest.

'When we founded ALLVP, we envisioned creating an organization that would outlive us. As Latin American tech reaches new highs, it is the best time to expand our partnership with one of the best investors of her generation. Antonia shares our passion for impact, commitment with founders and vision for the future of our firm.' commented Fernando Lelo de Larrea.

Antonia first started investing with the international real estate division at Deka Bank in Frankfurt. Soon after, her passion for impact led her to start an education company in Chile and study a masters in impact investing at Hult Business School in San Francisco. In 2017, just after turning 27, Antonia co-founded Manutara Ventures, a leading seed capital firm based in Santiago, Chile. In November 2018, her work took her to Sao Paulo for the Techcrunch Battlefield where she and Fernando shared the judging panel for promising startups.

Antonia explained, ‘I met Fernando in an event in Brazil. There were impressive speakers from all over the world, but Fernando was, for me, the most insightful and clear in its vision for technology in the region. A few weeks later I met Federico in Santiago. Meeting the investor behind the biggest tech company in the country, Cornershop, was a big deal. And I wasn't disappointed. We bonded immediately. He became my mentor as I continued my investment career.’

Antonia is the first partner addition to the firm since its founding. Given her experience as an entrepreneur and investor, Antonia will focus her investing and board seat participation in startups reinventing the cities or working on the future of human capital.

'Although we may have more experience, Antonia is smarter, more resourceful and brings a fresh perspective to our portfolio and investment practice. Together, our now multi-generational and diverse firm will become a better partner for Latin American founders. Together, we'll be able to seize the amazing Latin American VC opportunity of this decade.’added Federico Antoni.

This team news couldn’t come at a better time, as ALLVP starts to deploy its new fund 3 in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and beyond

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