🎓 Where CEOs of VC-backed startups in Mexico went to school

ALLVP Research and Epic Lab - ITAM's Center for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship - just launched a new research alliance. The purpose of the collaboration is to strengthen research and publication initiatives around Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship in Mexico. The fruit of the first co-publication is, Where CEOs of VC-back startups in Mexico went to School.

The report depicts the institutions where startup CEOs in Mexico pursued their undergraduate degrees, according to the public information available.

Research shows that ITAM is the most prolific university for startup founders, with 17 startup founders out of 5,559 students enrolled (0.31%), followed by the Iberoamericana University "Ibero" (0.14%), MIT (0.13%), Monterrey's Institute of Technology "Tec"(0.12%) and Anahuác University (0.06%).

On a non-scaled basis, Monterrey's Institute of Technology is the institution most commonly attended by startup CEOs in Mexico.

In terms of geographic, most of startup CEOs in Mexico have studied their undergraduate in Mexico (43%), followed by the USA and Argentina.

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