Crowdfunding in LatAm is only getting started

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It’s been two months since Fondeadora, the leading crowdfunding platform in Latin America, announced its partnership with global leader Kickstarter, setting all eyes from the global community in Mexico and its vibrant creative collective.

The beginning of this collaboration couldn’t be more promising. We have discovered a motivating, professional and committed group of friends in our Kickstarter colleagues, with a quick and smooth integration towards a common goal. It is a delight and an honor to be part of such an admired and inspiring organization, from which we have so much to learn!

More important, Kickstarter Mexico is off to a huge start: with more than 400 projects already published, we are seeing inspiring stories from all across the country getting funded every day, from the amazing “Hang & Roll” and Tultepec’s txt.ure to Chiapas based FRIDIS, and Dr. Alderete’s Tike’a Book. The pace at which creative initiatives are getting funded is doubling every month, with both Mexican and international backers joining forces to make these creative projects come to live.

As I wrote when Fondeadora announced this partnership, Alfonso, Federico, Norman, René, Froy and myself, as founders, never imagined the impact this movement would have in our lives. We knew, from the beginning though, that we wanted to transform the landscape for the creative industries in Mexico. After these first five years and with the Kickstarter community on our side, we are more certain than ever that we are achieving this goal.

We also believe in a collateral effect of Fondeadora’s deal with Kickstarter: the story of a Mexican bootstrapped startup that gained traction through disciplined execution, high quality content and an outstanding team, to the point of shining out and attracting the attention of the world leader who entered the Mexican market based on the trust built, is inspiring to many other entrepreneurs in our region and adds to the positioning Latin America is gaining in attracting companies, new offerings and investors to our market.

As Fondeadora founders, we will continue engaged in the success of Kickstarter in Mexico, as partners, formal advisors and its biggest promoters. Our commitment to the creative industries is permanent and we already have new ideas and initiatives coming into the market.

Our great community has shown the potential of crowdfunding in Latin America, democratizing funding towards those who have big dreams. With this optimism, we will devote our efforts to social campaigns and personal causes at Donadora.

Donadora continues the legacy of our company with a new brand and message, directed towards social initiatives, leveraging on the learning, experience and community built by René and Norman. Now under the leadership of Fanny, together with Juana and Mag, and our talented Fondeadora team, they have all our trust and conviction that we will not only make causes-based crowdfunding a new success story, but impact lives as never before.

This kind of crowdfunding has already proven its impact. GoFundMe, the global reference, is raising $4 million USD per day (!). Donadora has also started with strong pace and flagship projects, like Invierno en Siria, Con Ana y Juanpa and Laboratoria.

Latin America has always shown its solidarity, generosity and strong sense of community. Philanthropic actions have been a key part of the economic development of the region, and new technologies should serve our best behaviors. I am certain crowdfunding will maximize the potential of this collective virtue. I am fortunate to work in a job I feel very passionate about. I meet fascinating people daily, work on solving complex problems and support startups through investment and managerial decisions both at ALLVP and Numa Mexico. I feel humble and with a great responsibility for this opportunity. In my professional life, to date, nothing has brought me more joy, sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction than to witness lives been changed and dreams becoming realities through the efforts at Fondeadora and Donadora.

I am thankful to my founding partners, our new partners at Kickstarter, our fantastic team and each and every one of the community members that have published a project, backed an idea and shared our vision.

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