Most Active VCs in Healthcare investing in Latin America

In October 2016, ALLVP conducted a research on Healthcare investments in Latin America, which explored the VCs portfolios and recent deals in the region. The Research reflects the increasing number of brick & mortar and tech startups that are disrupting the industry’s most conventional incumbents by addressing local market needs of effective and integrated health systems.

Inseed Investimentos, ALLVP and Angel Ventures Mexico stand out as the most active early stage investors in the ecosystem, totaling 21 investments in Healthcare companies, including recent rounds of Dentalia, Mexico’s largest network of dental clinics (USD $3.1M Series B) and Onko Solutions, a technology solutions that contribute to the detection, prevention and treatment of cancer in underserved populations (USD $1.6M Series A).

The Research reflects the growing activity of the sector in the region, as 57 startups have received institutional investments. The two giants Brazil and Mexico emerge as the most active countries backing healthcare ventures as local public healthcare providers lack equity, effectiveness and coverage and private players remain affordable only for the wealthiest few.

ALLVP expects this table to grow, as a new generation of Healthcare companies leveraging AI and mhealth emerge.

Access to the latest version of the research here

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