ALLVP Invests in Visor, Loan Originator & Customer Management Platform for Financial Institutions Targeting theSME Sector in Latam

November 25, 2015

The Most Active Fund in the Early Stage Venture Capital Industry Announces its 3rd investment in the high-potential fintech sector with Visor.


Today, Antoni & Lelo de Larrea Venture Partners announced their seed investment in Mexico’s first loanoriginator and customer management platform for financial institutions, Visor. This represents a renewedbet on the fintech sector in Latam after having partnered with Mexico’s leading peer-to-peer lendingplatform Prestadero and healthcare-related loan originator Salud Fácil.


Founded in 2015, Visor offers unique origination services to financial institutions specifically targetingSMEs, leveraged by their close partnerships with major corporate groups. By reducing friction in the on-boarding origination process, Visor offers outstanding customer management, dynamic risk analytics,and pro-active loan placement as well as dynamic portfolio management. The result is an increasedcapacity to serve the untapped SME financing market, improving loan portfolio profitability for financialinstitutions and enhancing growth potential for SMEs through tailored financial products and customer service.


The Company is already implementing a number of financing campaigns with leading financialinstitutions. Led by seasoned entrepreneur Ruben Sanchez Souza, Visor intends to become the largestoriginator provider for SME financing in developing economies. Ruben spoke of the ALLVP/Visorpartnership’s strategic value: “Visor has been fortunate to partner with ALLVP and draw on theirextensive expertise in fintech, vast network and solid track record in supporting entrepreneurs to gain scale”.


With over US$ 200bn in outstanding loans held by 1.5m formal SMEs paired with an estimated financinggap of $660bn, Latam represents a vast market opportunity for SME lending. However, financialinstitutions face barriers to exploiting the full potential of the SME financing market as origination andcustomer servicing costs are high and relevant market analysis is scarce. Visor aims to address these market shortcomings through the creation of a lean online lending platform built on robust data analyticsthat monitor SMEs’ performance.


Managing Partner at ALLVP Fernando Lelo de Larrea commented on Visor: “Credit marketinefficiencies continue to persist in Latam, and impede growth opportunities for both lenders and SMEs.Innovative fintech companies like Visor are in a privileged position to reinvent the industry and westrongly believe that Visor’s tech-enabled business model is the solution to bringing value to bothfinancial institutions and SMEs.”

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