Venture Partners Mexico Invests in Nubity

November 28, 2014

The Most Active Early Venture Capital Fund in Mexico Announces it Partnered with Nubity to detonate its Cloud Service in the Region


Venture Partners Mexico announces its investment in Nubity, a tech company that provides server monitoring and outsourced management through an easy-to-implement software and a user-friendly online platform. Venture Partners invested in Nubity as it proposes a disruptive service based on a technology application, with impressive growth projections. Nubity’s business model proposes an innovative platform answering needs of an unattended market segment of Latam SMBs and is supported by a great team with an extensive technical and entrepreneurship experience in the sector.

The tech company offers on-demand consumption cloud services to help its clients integrate and monitor cloud deployments from multiple vendors through a SaaS model. With this tool, Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) can easily consolidate a unique and strategic dashboard of their IT infrastructure. The system was developed internally led by Dario Peña, co-founder and CEO, and built by the technical team. It provides features such as alerts for preventive and correction and on-time delegation of server management (managed services) in order to help businesses be certain that the end customer has 24/7 online availability.


Latam’s cloud services market size is nearly USD $1B, excluding Brazil. Thus, Nubity will fit in the increasing Latam IT market where the existing actors serve more sophisticated customers with extensive offers while the company serves less sophisticated SMBs, which need low-cost, simple and user-friendly tools and services that allow them to focus on their core activity. “Nubity’s target market is enormous, it presents a huge potential from both offline and online businesses as it rides the most growing trend in the continent” mentioned Federico Antoni, co-founder and Managing Partner of Venture Partners. The number of servers in Latam grew 34% in 2013, yet still 70% of those servers aren’t on the cloud which represents an enormous potential given that the US has 30% currently.

“We have found the ideal business partner in Mexico. Venture Partners has been a fundamental piece in the establishment of strategic business relationships and the rapid integration of a remarkable team”, said Dario Peña. The company closed its first investment as a syndicate round led by Venture Partners and followed by 500 Startups, a Tech accelerator program, and EscalaVC, a seed fund focused in Latam companies.

Together, the founders and investors have formed a team with business orientation and ample technical knowledge both globally and locally. Dario Peña, Nubity’s founder and CEO, has a profound specialization in telecom, programing and technology sectors. In 2007, Dario Peña and Juan Ozino Calligaris partnered to develop several initiatives prior to the launch of Nubity in 2013. 


Venture Partners is the most active fund in the early stage venture capital industry in Mexico with a strong presence in the tech industry and extensive experience in its adaption for the Mexican market. The fund has partnered with Prestadero, the first peer-to-peer lending platform in Mexico, Carrot, the most successful car-sharing system in the country, Aventones, a platform for ride sharing in the region and several e-commerce sites that also use technology as an enabler.

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