Expanding its bet on AI enabled startups, ALLVP leads Apli´s $1.5M 

August 10, 2017

Announcing ALLVP’s follow-on investment in Apli Inc – fastest growing on-demand talent service platform in Latin America.

Aug 2017, Mexico City - ALLVP is pleased to announce its follow-on investment in APLI Inc. along with premier Silicon Valley VC, Social Capital, leading Mexican investors Soldiers Field Angels and Ignia Partners and Apli’s accelerator, Numa Mexico. A cutting-edge talent-as-a-service platform, Apli leverages AI technologies to break through old fashioned recruiting processes. The automation algorithms provide better-fit candidates, reduce employee turnover, and improve the company-employee matching workflow.

In less than a year, Apli has already expanded its scope from a job marketplace to a talent-as-a-service platform. It is disrupting with automation the way labor-intensive recruiting processes occur by replacing manual processing and face-to-face phases with automation while using chatbots and machine learning tools. Furthermore, it is widening the possibilities of the Mexican workforce by making thousands of vacancies easily visible and accessible to people that are either unemployed or seek an additional income source they can pursue during idle times.

Apli has been growing exponentially since experienced tech entrepreneurs Vera Makarov, Jose Maria Pertusa, Volker Mueller and Yeri Arenas co-founded the company in 2016. In Vera’s words: “We are excited that in Apli’s first year, we have seen such high demand for agile recruiting from thousands of candidates and companies. The potential is huge with 10 million companies and 100 million people in Latin America looking for flexible jobs.”

The company offers advanced technological solutions, along with higher revenues, cost reductions and efficiencies to mainstream issues in high growth markets. Apli is using machine learning and AI to match qualified individuals that are eager to find jobs with companies that need to fill specific job openings with competent candidates in a very short time-span. Today, organizations have difficulties identifying ideal candidates in a relatively short period of time, therefore over 5 billion workdays are left vacant in Latin America hindering service levels to customers. Apli provides an eligible candidate in less than 24 hours, while traditional recruiting services are not providing an effective solution to this common issue, taking up to 3 weeks to fill a vacancy.

Federico Antoni, commented on ALLVP’s leading a second round of investment within one year. “Automation will transform the way companies hire and people work in the future. It’s a game changer for the industry. By applying AI and Machine Learning technologies, Apli is poised to revolutionize how companies address high absenteeism and turnover and how people manage their careers.”

About Apli

Co-founders, Vera Makarov (COO), Jose Maria Pertusa (CMO), Yeri Arenas (CSO) and Volker Mueller (CTO) are remarkable entrepreneurs with a proven track-record of launching and scaling internet ventures throughout Latin America. Vera and Jose met during their Harvard MBA in 2008, married and later co-founded the successful startups Carmudi and Lamudi. Previously, Vera led the food delivery company HelloFood which was sold in 2016 to Just Eat, and Jose was Marketing and Partnerships head for Linio Latin America after serving as Growth Manager for Facebook Latam. Volker has 10 years of experience in software development and global IT delivery for ecommerce and financial services. Yeri has a background in hospitality, with a degree from Glion Institute and management experience in hotels in China, the Philippines and Mexico, and worked as sales director in Hellofood and Iguanafix. Apli is an on-demand talent-as-a-service platform that matches companies with workers looking for flexible sources of additional income. Apli’s customers are companies in the hospitality, services and retail industries that make same-day requests for qualified personnel such as administrative assistants, salespeople, call center agents, product samplers, waiters and cooks. The company currently operates in Mexico City and plans to expand within Mexico and further into Latin America. Winner of the 2017 Harvard Business School Venture competition, Apli was accelerated in Numa Mexico, a leading European accelerator based in Paris.

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