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We invest in Latin American founders that want to change the world for the better with technology.

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Learn about depicting key industry trends and updates from Latin America in our ALLVP Research. A collection of internal research for tech founders and venture capital leaders in Mexico and Latin America.


ALLVP - Antoni & Lelo de Larrea Venture Partners - founded by Federico Antoni and Fernando Lelo de Larrea in 2012, is one of the most active Series A firm in the venture capital industry in Latin America. Across two funds (Seed Investment Trust I and Venture Investment Fund II), the firm has invested in twenty-four highly innovative and successful startups throughout Latam and Spain.  ALLVP is targeting companies that offer service innovation in key industries that are experiencing drastic shifts worldwide with the use of technology such as Healthcare, Fintech, Consumer Internet and Smart cities & Mobility. The Fund has invested in successful companies such as Cornershop, the fastest growing on-demand grocery platform in Latin America, weex, the revolutionary mobile virtual network operator where users create their own micro-plans from a selection of talk/text/data bundles, Apli, the cutting edge on-demand talent a as a service platform that is using AI technologies to break through old fashioned recruiting processes and Alkanza, a pioneering rob-advisor that uses AI to offer portfolio services to clients of financial institutions in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and the US.


ALLVP has developed ALLVP Research,  its research brand, which provides unbiased information on the VC ecosystem in Mexico and recently in Latam. The studies are broad in spectrum and showcase information on key data of the Venture Capital Industry. Our main research is about top investors in our main industries (fintech, consumer internet and healthcare), top investors in VC in Mexico by stage top corporate VCs investing in startups - a recent and growing branch of the venture capital industry -,  and, supporting our interest in the women's presence throughout the ecosystem, ALLVP research recently launched two studies on women-led startups.


The firm is a member of the Latin-American Venture Capital Association (LAVCA), the Mexican Private Equity Association (AMEXCAP) and Endeavor Investor Network.

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